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First Year Mechanical/ Aero/ Astro Engineering students design, build and test a Line Launcher
Group Members
Benjamin Dawson, Thomas Lacy, Rose de Ladoucette, Benjamin Smith, Jacob Verlander, Ariana Vitkova, Michael Woodward, Matthew Zieba
Dr Scott J. I. Walker, Dr Alexander Wittig
European Space Agency, Phil Crump, UoS Spaceflight Society
Armed with a twenty pound note, a squash ball, the University manufacturing facilities, and two weeks, First Year mechanical engineering teams were tasked with designing and building a device to fire (accurately) a ball up to six metres, with a length of fishing line attached. The task is inspired by the need to fire lines from ship to ship.

An open-ended brief resulted in many unusual designs based on compression and torsion springs, and bungee chord, with manufacturering techniques ranging from spot-welding to laser cutting.