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Design and build of a bespoke hand-cycle for the desert environment
Group Members
Abhinav Aggarwal, Michael Comport, Dominic Maddison, Zbigniew Peplinski
Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong, Professor Andrew Cruden
National Instruments Corporation, DNM Suspension Technology, RS Components
In the September of 2020 Alex Lewis begins his quest to become the first quadruple amputee to complete the 12-day circumnavigation of the Gobi Desert. To do this he tasked a team of fourth-year engineering students to design and build a bespoke, electrically assisted hand-cycle.

In order to effectively, quickly and safe complete the task the following systems were designed and built: A strong light-weight aluminium chassis; an electric assist system capable of reaching speeds up to 30 km/h; a combined cranking, steering and braking mechanism; an intelligent solar panel system capable of actively charging two batteries; an automatic gear shifting system.

Through the integration of these systems the team believe they are creating a world first product.
Exploded diagram of cranking, steering and braking mechanism.