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A human-powered submarine built to compete in the 2019 International Submarine Races in Washington D.C.
Group Members
Richard Emblem, Euan French, Anna Harrison, Tim Holgate, Caroline Layzell, Kirsty Lynch, Sammie Middleton, Hazel Mitchell, Tovio Saabas, Maria Stagno Navarra, Arthur Thirion, Hugo Webber, Luka Zab
Dr Julian Wharton
Zest Boatworks, MouldCAM Pty Ltd,igus® GmbH, AirShaper, Imteks, Gelisim Tekstil, AS Tekstil, Davall
The Southampton University Human Powered Submarine Society (SUHPS) are a team of students that design and build humanpowered submarines to compete in the International Submarine Races, a competition created to encourage interest in marine engineering. The submarines are piloted by a single scuba diver who pedals and steers the vessel around an obstacle course in a timed race.

This year’s submarine, the UoSS Tempest is competing in the 2019 International submarine races in Washington DC. The design focusses on optimizing a hydrodynamic hull form using Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis. The propulsion system features contra-rotating propellers which transmit more power for a given propeller radius and reduce adverse roll - a common issue with single propeller systems. The propeller blades are manufactured from 3D-printed thermoplastic and polyester resin, allowing for rapid iterations of their shape to attain the most efficient blade surface. The system has been designed to allow for easy removal of the blades when repairs or upgrades are required, and the gearbox has been reconfigured from a fourto- one gear ratio to a two-to-one ratio after pilot feedback. The main design objectives are to make the gearbox easily mountable, adjustable and ensure its longevity. This has been achieved by using a framing system with V-slot rails to adjust horizontal and vertical axes. To increase longevity, the system is made from aluminium waterjet cut plates and uses waterproof bearings.
Cut-away view of Sub.