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Second Year Acoustical Engineering students, working in groups of five, design, build and test a prototype loudspeaker
Group Members
Second Year Acoustical Engineering students
Dr Keith Holland
The project is designed to develop and test their expertise in system design, project planning, computing, communication, teamwork, leadership and initiative, and call upon their knowledge of acoustics and digital signal processing.

Each team is provided with a pair of loudspeaker drivers around which their loudspeaker system is built, and an Arduino Due microcontroller upon which to develop a digital crossover network. Construction of the loudspeakers takes place by the teams in the design workshop in which they have access to traditional and advanced manufacturing tools. The final prototype loudspeakers are performance tested in the University of Southampton’s Large Anechoic Chamber in the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, and teams are rewarded for innovation, manufacturing quality, acoustic performance and design aesthetics.