Micro Hybrid Generator

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Group Design Project
A hybrid generator system designed to improve the efficiency of small scale enginegenerators through use of rechargeable battery technology
Group Members
Jon Allen, Jamie Caulfield, Asheesh Gogna, Chris Lawford, Ash Arora, Alex Denham, Sam Kunle, Ed Smart

Professor Suleiman Sharkh, Dr. Zhan Shu

RS Components

Inefficiencies associated with operating an isolated engine-generator outside of optimum conditions can largely be eliminated by a hybrid engine design. Utilising a battery for load balancing, it is possible to sustain optimal operating conditions in the engine-generator. Large scale hybrid generators are available where the distinct advantages of reduced fuel consumption and improved power quality are prominent. It was yet to be verified that a hybrid system is cost-effective at smaller scales.

The feasibility of implementing a hybrid system into a compact package and potential applications were investigated. A compatible and suitably sized model glow engine and brushless motor pair was chosen. Both were independently tested on a dynamometer to characterise the components. Electrical simulations were conducted to test the practicality of a variety of control systems.

Safety, accessibility and durability aspects of the physical system were considered. The heat dissipation of the system was analysed to determine the appropriate materials and form factor of the containment. Assimilating all the research, a comprehensive micro hybrid generator was designed, developed and tested.

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