Parking Structure

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Structural Design
Ross Hamilton-Wright

This project considered the redevelopment of an area of the University of Southampton Highfield Campus that had evolved over time and is currently dominated by inefficient and unsightly car parking. The development of a multi-storey parking structure would release the land value of the site generally and offer the opportunity to develop this area of the campus into a high quality environment for its users. This proposal locates a four storey parking structure towards the eastern site boundary, allowing for existing vehicle access to the public highway to be maintained and for the site frontage to remain free for future development. The upper storey of the structure is set back to reduce its visual mass adjacent to the street and in response to neighbouring properties. The slatted timber cladding provides a degree of camouflage, but also allows the structure to retain a visual transparency that further helps to reduce its impact on its surroundings. The ground floor is half sunk into the sloping site to help reduce the overall structural height and the excavated soil is used to landscape the site elsewhere. A second parking structure is located in a area of the site where the ground level significantly dips. This allows for a green roof to span over the top, increasing the public amenity space, and hiding the parked cars. The parking structure is simply and pragmatically designed as a galvanised steel frame and in-situ concrete slab. This allows for an efficient structural form, minimising the use of material, a fast construction process, and a low maintenance solution.

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