Responsive System

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Year 2
Design, build, and test of an innovative environment specific responsive system
Group Members
Second Year Aeronautic, Astronautic, and Mechanical Engineering students

Alastair McDonald, Carl Leroy-Smith, Dr Mohamed Torbati, Dr Antigoni Barouni

This second year project, Responsive System, requires students to design and prototype innovative mechatronic systems that are specific to their environments, experimental, innovative, and develop a unique design solution.

Each system must: Respond in real time to two of the following five environmental factors: temperature, light, sound, the movement/ pressure of the air, moisture ,and respond to the proximity of movement detected within its field of vision.

It should also: Be specific to its given location and its local environment. Be demountable into its constituent parts and materials. Take no more than ten minutes to install on site and not damage its installed location. Use energy, components, and materials efficiently. Be expressive and engaging and visually communicate its responses (through mechanical movement), be reliable and highly refined.

The responses chosen must be fully integrated so that the system can demonstrate multiple reactions at the same time (should the stimuli require it) and that the mechanical and electronic components are combined to achieve an overall system synergy.

Team working, judgement, process, innovation, and communication are integral to the development of a successful solution.

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