Welcome to DS5, our fifth annual Design Show exhibiting the design proposals produced by our undergraduate engineering students.

We challenge our students to be ambitious, to be creative and deliver innovation, to lead by example. We expect them to be brave and take risks, to play, to apply science and to be rigorous: to research — to test — to analyse. Throughout the process, we challenge our students to think sustainably, and to effectively communicate and engage with the environments and people around them.

We provide access to our specialist testing facilities, computational power and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. All supported by our world-class researchers, skilled technical staff and a network of industrialists who not only help develop and deliver our courses but generously support many of the projects you see here.

We have high expectations and our students are capable of exceeding them. The results are exciting and this Show celebrates their talent and achievements — please take a look…

Alastair McDonald
Director of Design Education
School of Engineering