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Designing and prototyping an installation for Winchester Science Centre
Group Members
Otto Scott, Laurence Haines, Jack Bryant, Rylan Nycross, Dan Shaw
Dr. Filippo Fazi, Eric Hamdan, Fabio Casagrande Hirono
Winchester Science Center
This project builds upon previous work and research carried out by the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) with the aim of building an acoustic exhibit for the Winchester Science Centre. An active reverberation system, acoustic camera and visual projection system were all implemented to convey the acoustic interactions with different spaces and environments.

A full prototype was built in the Listening Room at the ISVR with the dual purpose of serving as proof of concept/demonstration for the Science Centre and to provide the University with a fully ‘plug and play’ system for subsequent Open-Days and further research.
User interface for the integrated system
Simulation of microphone array source localisation
Underbrink array design
Rendering of the full system overview including the acoustic camera, reverberation generation, and visualisation system