• Exploded view of the assembly
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The design and manufacture of a bin that interacts with its users. Concept proposed by Bella Hunt, 2017 Primary Engineer Winner
Group Members
Ahmad Anbar, Jack Gumoes, Elisavet Hadjiodysseos, Marcus Chien Eu Joen, George Li Panayi
Professor Ian Williams, Dr. Tim Woolman
The aim of this project was to design and manufacture a fullyfunctional prototype of an ultra-sustainable mechatronic bin – a bin that moves, talks and follows a line. The idea was proposed by Bella Hunt, an eight-year-old winner of the Primary Engineer Leaders Award in 2017. Bella designed the “Fun Noisy Rubbish Bin”, a solar-powered, recycling bin that travels around playgrounds asking children if they have rubbish. Her idea was that by making a bin that is fun and interactive, children would put more rubbish in the bin. The bin was uniquely designed to not only promote recycling but also excite children about engineering.

The materials used were carefully selected to meet the “ultrasustainable” objective of this project. The design was based on requirements set by the project’s stakeholders, and the Winchester Science Centre. It also meets regulatory safety standards to be commercially viable.

The bin operates as follows: it moves on a line until a person approaches. The bin then stops and prompts the user to press the appropriate button. The bin has three buttons which accept plastics, cans and paper; if one of those buttons is pressed the door opens and the bin thanks the user with a “fun-fact” about the type of rubbish thrown in, otherwise, if the
Primary Engineer entry by Bella Hunt