• Computational render showing view along platform
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A low cost, prefabricated, user orientated and sustainable design for a typical railway station design
Group Members
Timothy Chatfield, James Goodwin, Feba Kollanoor, Adam Lau, Alexander Parr
Alastair Mcdonald, Dr Howard Clarke
The UK rail network infrastructure requires constant maintenance and investment, including the construction of around ten new stations each year. The cost of these stations has risen dramatically over the last decade by an average of 200% and is forecast to continue rising.

The aim of this project was to develop an alternative station design to the ineffective and expensive existing standard. This focussed on smaller unstaffed local stations that make up around half of UK stations. The primary premise of the project was to produce a ‘kit of parts’ design to eliminate design inefficiencies that arise from individual bespoke designs, by producing a set of fundamental components that together make up a complete station that can be arranged in a variety of site specific configurations.

The design succeeded in minimising on site construction time, achieving up to a 75% reduction on the existing standard by utilising off site fabrication, eradicating wet trades and adopting sustainable material choices. User experience was an integral aspect of the finished product to ensure the primary stakeholders were kept at the core of this design.
Exploded view showing station plaform and canopy
Exploded view showing station plaform and canopy
Exploded diagram of station platform and substructure
Roof plan and longitudinal section of typical station arrangement