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A 200 space underground carpark adjacent to the Westquay Watermark development, Southampton
Group Members
Oliver Leyshon, Russell Luckhurst, Stefan Rossi, Theodore Vrentas, Alexandros Yiakoumis
This project considered an underground parking facility to provide public car parking spaces to serve new shops and restaurants at the Westquay centre in Southampton. The structure was designed to provide 200 parking spaces and 600 m2 of additional basement whilst acting as the foundation for a later-constructed 10-storey high building.

A three storey carpark is proposed, with vehicular access from the West off Harbour Road and a pedestrian entrance located on the North-East corner of the site, giving direct access to the main retail areas within Southampton city centre. The design proposal includes a semi-circular transitional ramp layout, which forms a three-storey high atrium at either end of the car park.

The car park structure consists of cast-in-situ circular concrete columns with a precast concrete beam and slab system, which allows rapid construction of the internal spaces. A 22m deep secant pile concrete wall forms the perimeter of the carpark. Extensive temporary propping is required to support the embedded retaining walls during excavation; 4D planning software was used to model and understand a complex construction sequence.

The finished structure is inconspicuous and provides an effective and safe space for both vehicles and pedestrians whilst being substantial enough to transfer the potential required loads from the later above-ground building structure.

Below: Construction process