• Computational model showing the proposed bridge, looking east
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A foot and cycle bridge crossing the River Thames
Group Members
Ross Hamilton-Wright, William Harrison, Zhengxu Wang
Howard Clarke, Carl Leroy-Smith
A cycle and pedestrian bridge designed to span across the River Thames between Nine Elms south of the river and Pimlico to the north. The bridge will connect with Cycle Super Highway 8.

The bridge utilises a tied arch structure with two steel arches supporting the bridge deck. The arches lean into each other for added stability and span 191m. The deck is suspended from the arches through the use of locked coil strand cables that connect to primary beams protruding from the deck structure. The deck itself is a Fibre Reinforced Polymer section to reduce the carbon footprint of the bridge as well as the self–weight of the structure.

The cyclists and pedestrians on the bridge have separate zones to ensure safety at peak times but still allow users to roam more freely during less busy periods. The cycle zone is clearly marked in blue to adhere to the cycle lanes seen throughout London. The pedestrian zone is raised above the cycle zone and utilises Pavegen, a system that converts the kinetic energy from pedestrian movement to electricity that can be used to power the lighting on the bridge.

Overall, the bridge is respectful of its surroundings. The handrails are designed to be lightweight in appearance so not to detract from the visual appearance of the primary arches and deck.