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A pedestrian and cycle bridge across the River Itchen, Southampton
Group Members
Sam Cameron, Yin Chan, Chantelle Clapham, Shaun Craig, Ben Hallett, Andy Oakey
Dr Fabio Gazzola (Ramboll)
A 300 m long opening bridge has been designed to cross the River Itchen, south of the existing road toll bridge, to provide a pedestrian and cycle route joining Ocean Village and the new Centenary Quay residential development.

The design proposal has a deck made from a 670 mm deep orthogonal steel box and protruding steel cantilevers, which attaches to four asymmetric, alternating angled tapered steel pylons via locked coil stays. The pylons are mounted on reinforced concrete piers, two of which support a rack and pinion swing opening mechanism, allowing the central portion of the bridge to swing open providing a 40 m wide navigation envelope for vessels to use. The bridge is straight is plan, and has a maximum gradient of 1:20, to provide optimal use by pedestrians and cyclists.

The river’s navigation channel must be maintained during construction, with only a 3-week permitted closure period. The design meets this requirement through extensive off-site prefabrication. The bridge would be shipped to site by barge in ~25m long pre-fabricated segments, which on arrival, would be lifted by crane barges onto temporary supports, before being welded together, providing for rapid construction.