In the School of Engineering, we are committed to developing graduates who have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of engineering, with the confidence and ability to put this understanding into practice.

We believe that our students benefit from learning in an environment where knowledge is created, not merely transmitted. We help them to develop an integrated set of theoretical and practical skills so they can offer sustainable, ethical, human-centred and holistic solutions to engineering challenges in their future careers. We make time and space within the curriculum to give students the freedom to explore ideas and methods, to be creative and evaluative and to undertake curiosity-driven investigations and independent research. As they progress through their studies, we see their design work grow in both sophistication and technical complexity, and we admire their increasing ability to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to such impressive effect.

The work you see in the Design Show represents, in its range and quality, the excellence in outcome that our students achieve with the right opportunities, resources and support. We are delighted that many of their outputs also become successful entries to national and international competitions.

We are confident that employers will recognise their potential as the next generation of engineering leaders.

Professor Anna Barney
Deputy Head of School (Education)
School of Engineering