The design, build, and test of a manned aerial vehicle to transport first responders to, and casualties from, remote sites in all environments
Group Members
Charles Bickel, Oliver Hitchens, Mathias Hoegden, Umar Khan, James Saletes, Radu Tudorache
Dr. Stephen Prior, Dr. Jim Scanlan
Northrop Grumman, Motion Robotics, Dr Angelo Grubišić Young Engineers Fund, T-Motor, The Bionic Eye, Weston Group, Gens Ace and Tattu
Designed to save lives anywhere and everywhere, this system’s focus is on the rapid transportation of medical personnel to remote and hard to reach locations. It has been designed to the specifications of the Go Fly Competition and to carry enough equipment to stabilise a casualty for up to 4 hours. The design process focused on the use of a novel propulsion system - The Circumferential Flux Motor (CFM) developed in partnership with Motion Robotics. A lightweight, modular, compact airframe was developed which supported all flight loads and maximised endurance due to its low weight. In conjunction with Motion Robotics, a DSHOT signal was used to control motor operation through custom built ESCs. New custom software and hardware has been developed for the vehicle to facilitate efficient and effective operation. Ducts have been investigated as a source of additional thrust for the system, to trade off their weight against the performance and safety benefits of incorporating them into the design.
Annotated final design concept
The final design concept in a stowed configuration