Design of a Minatare Atmospheric Sampling System - MASS - for the UK CanSat competition
Group Members
Kunal Dalal, Kashish Mittal, Seren Moeketsi, Emilia Mungiu, Rhys Stockton, Christopher Teale, James Watson
Professor Keith Towell
ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd
The UK CanSat Competition (UKCC) is a design-build-fly challenge that provides teams with an opportunity to experience the design life-cycle of an aerospace system. Southampton University’s entry for the competition was a miniature atmospheric sampling system to be launched by the LOC IV rocket. The final design concept scored well and progressed to the final competition stage, the system launch event, before cancellation of the competition. The final design was composed of modular 3D printed sections, for mounting of the electronics and descent subsystems. This enabled parts to be replaced extremely quickly, with good access to all components. After the rocket launch to 250 meters, the CanSat enters the descent stage and was designed to collect atmospheric temperature and pressure data, being able to determine altitude. Furthermore, battery voltage, GPS latitude and longitude were also to be recorded, with all data transmitted live to the ground control station.
Render of final CanSat modular design