Design of a deployable delta-wing glider with autonomous capability, for the American Astronautical Society CanSat Competition
Group Members
Bruno Del Mazo Canaleta, Frederick Crowe, Matthew Edgson, James Kirby, Seren Moeketsi, Anurag Sahare, Giles Sohi, Ross Waters
Professor Keith Towell
ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd, Compotech Plus spol. s r.o.
The US CanSat project is a design-build-fly competition that provides teams with an opportunity to experience the design life-cycle of an aerospace system. The 2020 design entry, from Southampton University’s Team Aether, scored over 95% in the preliminary design review which secured their place at the world finals, hosted at Virginia Tech in America. This year’s concept met the challenging competition brief; to design and build a deployable delta-wing glider system launched by rocket, which glides in a circular pattern, measures various parameters on descent and weighs under 600 grams. The overall concept included deployable wings, with the payload carrying a multitude of sensors for live feed telemetry, including true air speed and a particulate dust matter senor to monitor air pollution. The glider has autonomous capabilities, switched on after the release of the solenoid dropping mechanism at 450 meters altitude, for controlling the front canards and rudder to keep it on the circular glide path. This design also includes a HD camera gimbal, for maintaining imaging on fixed coordinates during descent, via flight software and GPS tracking. The team of eight individuals worked incredibly hard in their free time, and securing a place at the competition final is testament to the quality of the final design. The challenging nature of the project attracted essential sponsors; ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd and Compo Tech Plus spol. s r.o., as well as interest from the IMechE. Special thanks to project supervisor Professor Keith Towell, for his excellent project guidance and engineering advice.
CanSat delta-wing glider
CanSat glider deployment


CanSat glider and wing deployment


CanSat stowed glider configuration