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Civil Engineering Part 2, Temporary Structure
A temporary structure designed to be located on the central lawn of our Bolderwood Campus
Group Members
Michael Brown, Georgina Davies, Laura Farrington, Moritz Wietlisbach, Alexandros Yiakoumis

Dr. Gerald Muller, Carl Leroy-Smith, Alastair McDonald

This structure aims to create an imposing visual focus for the campus and a semi-enclosed area for users to congregate around. The circular plan is divided into sixteen equal framed elements mechanically fixed together to form a raised structural ring-beam. The frames taper towards the ground to achieve a visual lightness, provide access openings, and to connect to the ground. The structure has been designed to use proprietary 16mm steel reinforcement bar throughout and uses industry standard bending details to ease construction. The overall triangulated geometry results in structural stiffness, creates a dynamic form, and helps to minimise material usage.

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