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Civil Engineering Part 2, Temporary Structure
A temporary structure designed to be located on the central lawn of our Bolderwood Campus
Group Members
Yin Chan, Jake Dolphin, Russell Luckhurst, Carla Strimbei

Dr. Gerald Muller, Carl Leroy-Smith, Alastair McDonald

The overall scale, proportions, and form of this structure allows for the users to walk inside the structure, the openings align with specific contextual views, and the roof opening retains a visual openness and adds to the structural intrigue. The proposed construction achieves global structural stiffness and stability from the woven and angled grid layout of the slats, the double curvature geometry, and the mechanical fixings to the ground and at the slat intersections. This structure has been designed with the aid of Computer Aided Design software coupled with Grasshopper (a graphical algorithm design programme) allowing for the integration of design and analysis of the complex geometry and for the two-dimensional components to be directly exported from the three-dimensional model for manufacture.

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