Southampton cycle network

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Group Design Project
The design of a cycle network in Southampton and Eastleigh, and the detailed design of one section of this network, Stoneham Lane
Group Members
Matthew Marks, Anduen Rrapo, Toby Scott, Lucy Smith

Professor William Powrie, Professor David Richards

Eastleigh Borough Council, Southampton City Council

Cycling is a growing mode of transport in the UK, but since a significantly greater proportion of the population owns a bicycle than cycles regularly there is still potential for further growth.

The first stage of this project was an analysis of the key cycle origins and destinations in Southampton, during which the university sites and key transport interchanges were identified as being of particular importance. A cycle network based on these was developed, and tested for safety, directness and coherence based on the requirements of the Dutch CROW cycle standards. Following this, an audit of the current state of these routes was undertaken through a cycle survey, which led to a prioritisation analysis to determine the key routes which require improvement.

The second half of the project was the detailed design of Stoneham Lane. This route was selected based on our cycle survey and advice from Southampton City Council and Eastleigh Borough Council. There are plans in place for the development of 1100 new homes at the northern end of the route which could have significant impacts on traffic flows along Stoneham Lane.
Following multi-criteria analysis, the best option for the upper half of Stoneham Lane was selected as being a segregated pedestrian and cycle facility for the majority of the length, with shared provision maintained in the narrower sections.

For the lower section of the route, the narrow nature of the road dictates the need for a shared carriageway, which good practice suggests would only be possible accompanied by a decrease in traffic flows and speeds. Therefore a reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30 mph was proposed, along with restrictions for through traffic. It was proposed that this would be implemented and enforced by new access only signs and an automatic number plate recognition system.

Testing was carried out using computer modelling (VISSIM) to determine whether the restrictions to Stoneham Lane would negatively impact the rest of the traffic network. Modelling of the design was done in Sketchup to communicate our final proposal for Stoneham Lane.

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