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Year 1 Civil Engineering
Group Members
Michael Brown, Matthew MacRorie, Jake Maddocks, Enc Yilmaz

Alastair McDonald, Carl Leroy-Smith, Dr Alan Bloodworth

This ascending structure leans against a masonry wall and stands on a sloped concrete ventilation outlet. The laminated plywood construction has been designed to generate inward bending throughout its height under the action of a hanging weight, and to utilise friction forces holding it in place on its site. Two integral perimeter beams run the full height of the structure, angled to provide external stability horizontally parallel to the wall. Two integrated panels act as diaphragms to internally brace the structure and help resist lateral loads. The weight hangs freely allowing the structure to find its geometry when installed. A plywood cord supports and locks the weight in position through the friction generated as the weight rotates about its front edge.

6mm plywood
Water based adhesive

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