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Structural Design
The design of a foot and cycle bridge to cross the River Itchen in Southampton
Margarita Murillo Benitez

This bridge has been designed to cross the River Itchen in Southampton and provide a pedestrian and cycle route between the residential and parkland on the eastern bank and the routes towards the city centre and transport infrastructure on the western bank. The bridge connects with the national cycle network. The simple swept geometry of the bridge in plan allows it to connect with existing footpaths, avoid the disruption of views from neighbouring residential properties, locate its abutments and columns in locations that coordinate with tight site constraints, and realise an efficient and engaging user route. This swept geometry is further enhanced by the gradual vertical rise and fall of the bridge which connects the differing riverbank heights, provides clearance over designated river channels, and meets incline requirements for pedestrian and cycle access. A box girder structural solution was chosen to help achieve a thin deck (by placing the primary spanning structural elements above deck level) and providing a relatively wide central span thereby reducing the number of columns required and clearing river channels. This solution provides a low lying structure suitable to its context, resists the torsional forces inherent to the swept geometry, and an unbroken visual line. The bridge can be predominantly prefabricated to help ensure high a quality finish and minimise construction work on site. Due to the complex three dimensional nature of the solution the bridge was analysed using a finite element analysis package with the output verified through prescribed theory and hand calculations. over time.

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