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Structural Design
The design of a foot and cycle bridge to cross the River Itchen in Southampton
Alastair McDonald, Howard Clarke, Professor David Richards

This bridge has been designed to cross the River Itchen in Southampton and provide a pedestrian and cycle route between the residential and parkland on the eastern bank and the routes towards the city centre and transport infrastructure on the western bank. The bridge connects with the national cycle network. A cable stay structural solution was chosen to help achieve a thin deck, utilise the tall mast as a local landmark, and achieve a relatively wide central span, reducing the number of columns required and clearing river channels. The mast is located towards one side of the river to maintain a clear central span and the resultant in plane horizontal forces are resolved by the abutments. Poor bearing strata anticipated at either river bank meant that a large concrete abutment combined with the required stair access was designed to resist sliding.

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