Prototype Structure

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Year 2
A full scale prototype structure, designed and constructed, for a site in Southampton, by a group of second year civil enginereing students
Group Members
Aidan Brown, Rosey Burchell, Sally Pickard, Jared Tiller

Alastair McDonald, Dr. Gerald Muller, Carl Leroy-Smith, Howard Clarke, Professor David Richards

Supporters Plan Strcutures Ltd, AD Southern

This structure has been designed and built by a group of second year civil engineering students as part of their design curriculum. The project brief asked for the design of a unique temporary structure for a site adjacent to the medieval walls located towards the southern end of Southampton. The structure was to provide a focal point for visitors and act as a potential catalyst for cultural activities in the area. This structure fits around and masks the view of an unsightly existing footbridge whilst also acting as a celebratory gateway for pedestrians passing under and over the bridge.

The concept design considered a range of factors; the local site characteristics and its surrounding environment, the temporary nature of the structure, form, proportion and the user experience, differing material characteristics and construction process. The production of drawings and scale models and the use of calculation resolved the design through an iterative team working process. The detailed design was developed with support from a professional consultant team and further resolved the structural stability, member sizes, connection details and construction tolerances. The final structure was constructed with the assistance of a local contractor using locally sourced rough sawn Douglas Fir, proprietary galvanised fixings and an ultra saturated water based red wood stain.

The structure is currently located on the central lawn of our new Boldrewood Innovation Campus.

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