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Year 1 Civil Engineering
Group Members
Thomas Edwards, Laura Farrington, Michael Garrett, Abdulrahman Radwan

Alastair McDonald, Carl Leroy-Smith, Dr Alan Bloodworth

This traversing structure has been designed to span across a courtyard between a retaining wall and an opposing window cill. The structure consists of two separate steel framed sections, allowing for transportation and storage logistics, minimising mechanical joints, reducing distortion during welding and facilitating the structure’s cranked form which allows for pedestrian access underneath. The frames’ tapered sections are deepest at midspan where they meet and the bending action is greatest, but reduce in depth towards the supports, minimising the weight. This realises elegant proportions and results in structural form that sits delicately within its context.

15mm mild steel tube
M5 galvanised steel threaded rod
M5 hexagnonal zinc plated steel bolts
Zince plated steel washers
Acrylic spray paint (light grey)

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